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Sunday, March 29, 2009

'Team' the sacred word

I bet you have heard that word a million times, perhaps few times every day, we all know what team means and there is no need for me to explain that term, but sometime I still ask myself the question "What team means to me?"

So I am going to talk about what team really means (to me), for me "team is a group of likeminded people thinking, analyzing and working together for a mutual goal". Most companies (no offence) think a team is a bunch of people thrown together in a room to complete a task. Now you may argue what is the difference, the difference is more of philosophical, when a group consists of people who have different view and different goal; often it is difficult to increase the productivity and delivery of the group. Why do you think these "Team Building Programme" are getting popular, that’s because more and more companies realizing the true meaning of a team (a good team).

Following are some signs of a good team
  • One team member supporting other team member (or group of member).
  • Tolerant to each other’s short come, uniqueness and opinion.
  • Team Leads are passionate to teach and help team members.
  • Team member are open to share their expertise & insight to other team members.
  • Team member often stop to see how other team members are doing.
  • Team member treat each other with respect.
Remember a team is as strong as its weakest team member.
Something to think eh?


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