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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What is Sprint Review?

A Sprint review is usually held at the end of the sprint to verify and inspect the deliverables. During the Sprint review, the development team, product owner and scrum master collaborate about what was done in the Sprint. In this meeting, the development team will demonstrate the deliverables to get feedback and confirmation.
Sprint review is a four-hour time-boxed meeting for a standard 4 week sprints.

The Sprint review will include the following:

- The product owner will agree on what items are completed and which ones are not completed
- The development team will demonstrates the deliverables and answers any questions
The development team could also discusses what went well during the Sprint, any problems that were identified during the Sprint and how were they resolved
- The product owner will update the product backlog and present the new items

The Sprint review hence will produce an updated product backlog which will be used for the next Sprint planning meeting.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Five pillars of a great Business Analyst

What makes a good Business Analyst, a great one?

Discover what are the pillars that constitute, support, and transcend a good BA into a great one. We need great Business Analysts to execute projects, change businesses, lead and educate teams, create an atmosphere of trust, and get things done!

In this E-book you will discover and learn:
- The most fundamental aspect of being a Business Analyst and why it is easily missed, by most.
- How the changing social contexts are transforming the way we interact, and what a BA should know?
- What makes you an indispensable emotional worker, as a Business Analyst?
- Key concepts that help you understand each pillar, with real stories and examples
- Action items(we all love these, as BAs) to help you implement and realize the essence of the five pillars

This E-book is available from

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Our vision is about making New Zealand the recognised leader in I.T. innovation and practice.

The Getting I.T. Right Initiative ( is all about how we do this.

Despite some great progress in standards and methodologies, we are still experiencing a very high project failure rate. A conservative measure suggests that collectively we lose in excess of over $1.5 billion each year. Do these scenarios sound familiar? Our experience and research indicates some the following key reasons for project failure:

Lack of Strong Sponsorship and Governance
We have all worked in projects where sponsors were not committed, lack understanding of the project and have not been actively involved in the project strategy and direction. This then impacts on the uptake rate of change and adoption of the change.

Wrong Reasons
Projects are started for the wrong reasons. Some are initiated purely to implement new technology without regard for whether the technology is supportive of the business needs or strategy. The converse of this is a project that does not support existing technology, resulting in major scope creep and resultant expenditure.

Not enough dedicated staff (project managers and project team members) allocated to projects. Project team members lack experience and do not have the required qualifications. Line-staff believe that they will be able to succeed in project leading but are only 40% available to do so. Focus in this regard is not on the delivery of the project, but on the comfort zone of the project manager and his own time management. Incomplete project scope. No clear definition of the project's benefits and the deliverables that will produce them.

Part of our plan is educating business owners, directors and executives to work together and to work with the professional bodies and user groups to promote best practice. We can do this through the promotion of this site and with your support we can lobby the correct people and groups, e.g. IOD, MED, Chamber of Commerce, NZCS, etc.

So if you are frustrated with working on projects that dont deliver, that are de-scoped, with customers that are disengaged, and would like to work in a place that I.T. delivery is seen as a vital part of the businesses success, you are given the right tools, your colleagues are enthusiastic and you deliver cool things that make a real difference, then please support this initiative. You can do this by:

Registering your support on the site itself
Becoming a Linkedin member

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