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Monday, September 26, 2011

Five pillars of a great Business Analyst

What makes a good Business Analyst, a great one?

Discover what are the pillars that constitute, support, and transcend a good BA into a great one. We need great Business Analysts to execute projects, change businesses, lead and educate teams, create an atmosphere of trust, and get things done!

In this E-book you will discover and learn:
- The most fundamental aspect of being a Business Analyst and why it is easily missed, by most.
- How the changing social contexts are transforming the way we interact, and what a BA should know?
- What makes you an indispensable emotional worker, as a Business Analyst?
- Key concepts that help you understand each pillar, with real stories and examples
- Action items(we all love these, as BAs) to help you implement and realize the essence of the five pillars

This E-book is available from

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