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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies serve as the fundamental of plans designed to meet market needs and reach marketing objectives.Your marketing strategy should follow from your assessment of the market. The first thing you will do is to identify the market you are in? How will you address that market? What are the current needs of the market?

Marketing strategy are made up of the following

Product Strategy:
This section should address about your product or services you are offering, what are your specialties for the given market. What makes you different than anyone else offering similar product or services? Make sure you collect all the testimonials of your existing customer.

Pricing Strategy:
This section should address pricing model of your product or services, make sure your pricing model can be used by your smallest customer to the bigger ones.

Advertising Strategy:
This section should address your current business plans for promoting your products or services. How are you going to get your customers attention to your product? Plan your marketing platform, what, how, where and when will you advertise? Do you have a dedicated budget for promotions? What are your promotion strategy for now, 6 months from now and 1 year from now?

Position Strategy:
What is an idea market position for your business and how do you plan make an impression to your existing and new customers, this section also covers branding of your business.

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