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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vendor Assessment (Part 3 - Technology and Commercial)

In my previous post I spoke about how to assess vendor on software development criteria, this post I will continue the discussion

  • Is the Software developed as per company hardware requirements?
  • Software developed in accordance to company software requirements?
Coding Standards
  • Coding standards followed based on company coding standards?
Comment in Code
  • Will all classes, functions, procedures be documented ?
  • Will comments be used to describe intentions, algorithmic overviews, and/or logical flows?
  • What code documentation and end user documentation is provided ?
  • Data Model ?
  • Class overview ?
  • Architecture overview ?
Training / Handover
  • Is there a proper procedure for handover and time allotted for training?

Development Cost
  • Is the proposed development cost acceptable?
Delivery time
  • Is the proposed delivery time acceptable?
Support Cost (e.g. training, end user support if required, technical support)
  • Is there any support cost involved?
  • Is there a warranty period suggested?
Maintenance Cost (i.e. bug fixes)
  • Is there any maintenance cost involved?
  • Is there any warranty period suggested?
Terms of Payment
  • Are the Terms of payment proposed agreed by the sponsor?
Penalty / Incentive
  • Is there any penalty proposed if the milestones are not achieved on time?
  • Is there any incentive available to achieve before time?
  • Is the company claiming any ownership on the software developed?
  • Are the any licensing fees involved?
  • Do they intend to use this product for any future development for their clients?
The list goes on, I do not intend to blog every criteria but the list above could be a good start, do not hesitate to contact me with your feedback.

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